New Bracelet fabric is my main medium and I love it, but sometimes I like to switch up a bit and try a new thing. I have made jewelry before, but not often and not very well. I made a pair of chainmail earrings that came out ok, but it took a long time to make them.

I am a Youtube nut! I mean, I watch it all the time. I follow a jewelry maker named Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry and have been for a few years. I never had the confidence to make anything she has on her channel. Yesterday, I decided to just do it. Now, from my days of dollmaking, I have a ton of beads. I had most of the materials I needed to make the Flat Spiral Galaxy Bracelet, but not everything. So, off to Michael's.

Once home, I put Youtube on my tablet and followed along with the tutorial. How surprisingly easy! Stephanie makes beading so easy. She explains everything in detail and why she threads things in a certain way. I was able to finish the bracelet and now I want to make a ring, necklace, and earrings to match.

What do you think?