Making a Dressform

 I had a credit at an online shop called Bootstrap Fashion for the last six years. I was one of the original backers for the project and I knew I wanted to use my credit for a dressform, but was afraid to bite the bullet. I recently came across a video by Diane Sezee showing step by step how to make the dressform. She gave tips and tricks she learned after making her initial form. I then found a facebook group for support in making the form. I could not put it off any longer. I logged onto the site and entered my measurements and ordered the DIY custom form pattern. I have purchased my fabrics and cut the pattern pieces. I will post as I move through making this form in hopes that I can help someone else who wants to make a dress form. 

Here is the fabric I chose.

I am starting with the brown fabric to test the pattern. I will make any adjustments (Diane has a video on that also) and then make the red one. I used quilt basting spray to interface unbleached muslin to the fabric and cut it out. All cut and ready to sew!

To be continued...